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State of Health Delivery Campaigns Report

Linksbridge has launched the first-ever State of Health Delivery Campaigns report—a resource to showcase how the crosscutting campaign calendar and resource repository may serve as a resource to Campaign Effectiveness partners.

Sections showcased in the report (Volume 1, January 2021) include:

  • COVID-19 Delay Analysis: with data provided by partners and captured through media monitoring, the campaign calendar tracked the status of completed, delayed, and rescheduled campaigns by disease. The calendar captured a total of 253 campaign delays in 2020.
  • Campaign Target Age: Country health systems reach people through campaign-based delivery at many moments throughout the life course. At some ages, a person may be reached by several unique campaigns in one year. For other age groups, campaigns may be the only interaction a person has with a health system in a given year.
  • 2021 Campaigns: The campaign calendar is currently collecting and consolidating information for 2021 campaigns. As of December 2020, our database has 227 campaigns planned across 86 different countries for the 2021 calendar year.

All updated calendar information can be found at campaigneffectiveness.org

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