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Human Rights Defenders Protection and Well-being: Integrated Security

Over the past five years, Linksbridge has partnered with several international human rights organizations (including grantmakers, affinity groups and human rights nonprofits) to develop and roll out approaches for supporting human rights defenders’ security and well-being. The Integrated Security (http://integratedsecuritymanual.org) method, developed in partnership with the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (http://kvinnatillkvinna.se/en/) and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (http://urgentactionfund.org), has now reached over 1,000 human rights defenders in more than 50 countries. This method has influenced thinking and approaches to security and well-being for hundreds of human rights organizations around the world. Most recently, Linksbridge partnered with the Oak Foundation and a team of women’s rights defenders to launch the Transforming the Revolution project, which aims to assess and map progress at the intersections of human rights defenders’ security and well-being.