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Framework for Immunization Training and Learning


The global community allocates considerable human and financial resources to immunization training. The delivery of this training, however, has not kept pace with the increasing cost and complexity of vaccination programs. Funders, implementing partners, and national program managers have the opportunity to
support and improve the training and performance of immunization professionals by taking advantage of developments in learning science and instructional design, and by adapting, where appropriate, new tools and technologies to facilitate learning.

The Framework for Immunization Training and Learning (FITL) is a shared conceptual framework that was assembled through the collaborative efforts of important actors from throughout the global immunization community. The framework (available for download here) can be used by a wide range of stakeholders to support improved performance of managers and healthcare workers who deliver vaccination services by creating a better environment for training and learning. The framework is not intended to specify or prescribe the types of training or support to be implemented, but is intended to provide guidance on areas that may be addressed at different levels throughout the system.

The framework offers an initial structure while leaving space for individual organizations and countries to develop their own specific strategies and implementation plans. The hope is that organizations and countries will use this framework as a shared resource to collaborate on and improve their immunization training programs.

Aims of the Framework for Immunization Training and Learning

Incorporating input from the global immunization community, this framework is designed to support better training and learning programs with the goal of improving the performance of those who deliver immunization services.

The aims of this framework are as follows:

  • Communicate a shared set of key intervention areas that may lead to improved training and learning programs as well as better performance outcomes
  • Outline key principles to be considered within each intervention area
  • Share suggested activities that may be undertaken, at varying levels of the system, to support each area 
of intervention

Use of the Framework

This framework can be used in a variety of ways, by different individuals:

  • Funding partners can use the framework to:
    • Strengthen their ability to measure and evaluate the impact of investments in training and learning
    • Align on incentives with learning and performance outcomes
  • Implementing partners can use the framework to:
    • Design effective training programs, based on sound instructional design and leveraging novel delivery strategies
    • Integrate training as a continuous process into ongoing work, rather than a one-time event
    • Measure and evaluate the impact of trainings
  • Program Managers can use the framework to:
    • Ensure coordination of partners involved in training activities within the country
    • Guide the development of country-level training plans
    • Develop training strategies that are engaging, adaptive, and provide more continuous, ongoing 
support to mid-level managers and health care workers
    • Identify individual learning plans for themselves or the healthcare workers they supervise

Learn more at http://trainingandlearning.org

Download the Framework for Immunization Training and Learning below.

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