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Child Protection in Emergencies

“Now, more than ever, the Child Protection in Emergencies practitioner workforce needs – and deserves – significantly more resources and quality, effective capacity building initiatives to be able to serve the increasing numbers of children in emergencies”

Earlier this year, Save the Children UK commissioned Linksbridge to conduct a Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) Capacity Building Market Analysis on behalf of the Child Protection Working Group (CPWG), as part of its involvement in developing the Child Protection in Emergencies postgraduate Diploma.

The project report aims to help us better understand the Child Protection sector’s current capacity level and how best to build it, focusing on three strands of inquiry:

  1. A mapping of existing relevant CPiE learning & development courses. Drawing on work done by partners in the sector, this mapping aims to identify the wide pool of providers – including universities, online providers, training institutes, humanitarian agencies and the CPWG – offering capacity building opportunities relevant to Child Protection and Child Protection in Emergencies practitioners.
  2. A CPiE sector needs analysis. This component attempts to document & analyse some of the challenges faced by agencies across the CPiE sector in responding to the increasing number of emergencies and associated Child Protection needs. In particular, it attempts to demonstrate the capacity shortfall in the sector.
  3. A user demand analysis. This analysis engages with CPiE staff across the sector to more fully understand the demand for CPiE learning and development, what this should look like and what should it cost.

The final project report, now published, has been well-received by stakeholders. We have been pleased to hear that it is already being used as an evidence-based advocacy tool on the lifesaving importance of CPiE practitioners, and as a foundational document for the sector’s strategic planning initiatives.

The report was made possible through the generous contribution of time and advice of many experts in the humanitarian, child protection, and human rights fields. It has been a privilege to work with such a diverse, dedicated and collaborative group of professionals committed to protecting children in emergencies.

Final report also available here.