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Social Impact and Consulting

“What does social impact mean to Linksbridge?” a colleague asks. The question elicits diverse responses and a good conversation. Some of the responses include:

“We are not primarily profit driven”
“We are mission-driven, like our nonprofit clients”
“We walk alongside our clients to do short-term work that provides value in the long term”
“We choose work that will have an impact on the world”
“We want to put ourselves out of business by enabling our clients to be more effective” (“though not entirely out of business” another adds)

Is it possible to actively care about social impact when our work is determined by clients’ needs? Are we at a disadvantage being a social purpose corporation?

It is a fun, refreshing, and sometimes uncertain conversation to have. Perhaps we are charting new territory, going where few companies have been before. That we are bold enough to have this conversation with its accompanying uncertainty and ambiguity makes it all the more interesting.

Linksbridge continues to chart its course. We continue to define what social impact means to us, and how we sustainably incorporate it in our values and our work. Let’s keep talking.