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Memorial Day Weekend Adventures!

Immediately after I left work last Friday I ran home to pack for a two-night backpacking trip in Olympic National Park. This was my first backpacking trip of the year (it is only May in Seattle after all) and entailed 17 miles of hiking over three days.

Deep in the forest, under a covering of giant trees, we were able to escape the rain that hit Seattle. There was a creek running right through our campsite which provided delicious mountain spring water and proved to be a very effective natural sleep aid!

This was one of those few “unplugged” weekends – no cell phone service and my computer happily left at home. When I finally checked my email on Monday afternoon I didn’t have an inbox full of messages from my coworkers – they were too busy enjoying their Memorial Day weekends!

Other Linksbridgers’ Memorial Day weekend highlights: Mike and George both went on biking excursions with their families, Laurel traveled in Switzerland with friends after two weeks at the World Health Assembly, Robin and his family went ice skating (in May!), Julian enjoyed the Sasquatch! music festival, and Laura escaped to Vancouver for the weekend.

Working hard and having fun while we do it is what makes Linksbridge great. Coming back from a three-day weekend to swap stories of backpacking, biking, ice skating, and other travels was one of the best parts of my week!

~ Emily

Emily backpacking in the Olympic National Park

Trail in the Olympic National Park