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Linksbridge SPC Recognized as Top 100 Company to Work for by Seattle Business Magazine

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As a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC), we at Linksbridge SPC must ask ourselves: how do we as an organization measure and define “success”? Despite technically being for-profit, we are a for-profit with purpose. We strive for much more than billability: we aim for positive social impact with each of the projects we take on, mission-alignment with our clients, significant investment in our people, and cultivation of a work environment where risk-taking is not only accepted but expected.

These are some aspects of the Linksbridge Model that have positioned us well for “success”.

That is one reason we were gratified to be named to Seattle Business Magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work For in Washington State – making us the first social purpose corporation to be included in the list.

We are proud of this recognition for many reasons, the foremost being that it proves our belief that investing in people is one of the most important things we do as a business. We have a strong conviction that every team member must be well-equipped to think through and help solve our clients’ toughest problems, whether helping optimize global health markets to improve access to life-saving products or protecting and advocating on behalf of courageous human rights activists around the world. To this end, Linksbridge team members can tap into a sizable training stipend to buy software, take classes, buy gadgets, books, or anything else required to become more effective at their work.

Benefits, both core and perks, are high priorities for our team and are generous for a company of Linksbridge’s size. We compensate our people fairly and professionally. We pride ourselves on working horizontally, with junior consultants counted on as much as principals or senior associates to put forth bold new ideas and move our work forward.

The ultimate satisfaction in taking care of our people, however, comes from the high quality of products and services we deliver to our clients. Because let’s be honest, if our own people aren’t happy, how can we make our clients happy? We engage with client organizations working in some of the world’s most difficult places on some of the toughest issues across health, education, emergency response, and human rights, operating in a manner that allows for maximum impact, whether that impact is measured in deaths averted or costs saved. The opportunity to work on meaningful projects coupled with an empowering work environment has attracted a cadre of impressive individuals which now comprise the Linksbridge team.

Creating a positive work environment isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s fundamental to a healthy, thriving, effective company. We are proud to count ourselves among the top Washington companies that are setting the standard for leadership, benefits, work environment, training programs, and more.